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When Cargo Claims Go Bananas

When Cargo Claims Go Bananas

A shipment of bananas traveling from Ecuador to United States became a complex cargo claim case.

In our recent case study involving the transportation of bananas from Ecuador to the USA by sea sheds light on the challenges faced and the innovative strategies employed to unlock a jammed cargo claim. The cargo, which was exposed to high temperatures during transit, was carried in three containers that suffered damages, leading to a delay in the resolution process. Additionally, opponents known for slowing down processes added another layer of complexity to the situation.

The strategy devised to tackle this intricate cargo claim was both ingenious and effective. Initially presented as a single claim to potentially increase the claim amount, the approach later shifted to dividing the claim into three parts for individual negotiations. This strategic maneuver not only facilitated discussions but also paved the way for unlocking the jammed claim while simultaneously addressing other pending claims.

One of the key highlights of the case study was the emphasis on continuous discussions and negotiations. In order to avoid spending time requesting documentation to our clients and extending negotiations periods, a clever tactic involving accessing insurance policies which appointed BARBUSS as recovery/inspection agent from day one, was the key in moving the process forward and being able to be in contact with this case since the start. This new approach exposed the importance of adaptability and thinking outside the box when dealing with complex cargo claim scenarios.

As negotiations progressed, settlements were eventually reached in all three files, underscoring the success of the strategic approach adopted. The case study serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, effective communication, and tactical decision-making in overcoming obstacles and achieving favorable outcomes in the realm of cargo claims resolution.

As a result, the journey of unlocking cargo claims in this case study offers valuable insights when it comes to navigating challenges, leveraging strategic thinking, and ultimately finding resolutions to different obstacles. It serves as a reminder that with the right approach and determination, even the most complex cargo claim cases can be successfully resolved.

Case Study by

Jerónimo D’Almeida

Claims Handler