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Groundbreaking Financial Solutions

BARBUSS CAPITAL reshapes finance by purchasing litigations, injecting fresh capital, & assuming full responsibility, revolutionizing client solutions with innovative strategies. Through meticulous analysis, it relieves clients of management complexities while providing transformative alternatives, ensuring their financial success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

In a recent joint collaboration between BARBUSS Brazil and BARBUSS CAPITAL, we worked with a top-tier insurance underwriter in Brazil to offer them a game-changing financial alternative. The client was struggling with a portfolio of marine and transport related litigations that were weighing down their illiquid assets.

To tackle this challenge, our team of qualified lawyers conducted a quick and non-disruptive review of the portfolio. The scope of the analysis was to determine the investment potential of each case, considering factors such as claim amounts, probability of success, and anticipated time until a final ruling could be issued.

This meticulous evaluation allowed us to accurately assess the risks involved, with claim amounts ranging from to USD 50K to USD 2.5MM

Armed with this comprehensive analysis, we presented our client with an offer: we would purchase their cases, providing them with a much-needed injection of fresh capital. This meant that the client would no longer have to worry about the hassles and complexities of managing these litigations. BARBUSS CAPITAL took over the handling of all the litigations, assuming full responsibility for the outcome and associated risks.

Our innovative approach not only provided immediate financial relief for our client but also allowed them to refocus their resources on core business activities. With BARBUSS CAPITAL by their side, they could confidently navigate the complex world of litigation, knowing that their interests were in the hands of experienced professionals.

As a clear example of our value proposition and the innovative alternatives BARBUSS offers, we have been responsive to the needs of our client. Joining efforts across our offices and business units, we were able to offer a solution to one of our clients.

This success story is just one example of how BARBUSS CAPITAL is revolutionizing financial solutions for clients worldwide.

Case Study by

Joaquín Sarmiento Laspiur

Sr. Claims Handler