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Grappling with delay

Grappling with delay

An unexpected 18-day delay in a shipment of fresh grapes led to a rise in temperatures and potential damage upon arrival. Despite the cargo’s meticulous stowage and container conditions, the grapes were victims to the threats of maritime transit.

From the vineyards of San Antonio, Chile, to the markets of Shanghai, China, a shipment of fresh grapes embarked on a journey with unexpected challenges. Despite a very well planning and preparation, what began as a routine voyage soon became a test of resilience and negotiation.

As the grapes were carefully packed into containers it seemed to be a timely delivery confirmation. However, an unanticipated 18-day delay interrupted the journey, pushing doubts on the grapes’ condition upon arrival.

There were no visible anomalies in the containers and or the packing of the cargo, but concerns arose as temperature records revealed fluctuations during transit. While efforts were made to maintain optimal conditions, post-discharge temperature increases raised alarms about potential damage to the perishable cargo.

In response to these challenges, a strategic approach was adopted to hold the carrier accountable for the physical deterioration and delay-related losses incurred. Leveraging contractual agreements and industry expertise, negotiations commenced to secure fair compensation for the impacted party.

Acknowledging the uncertainties of maritime commerce, emphasis was placed on the carrier’s obligation to uphold agreed delivery timelines, particularly given the perishable nature of the cargo. Despite the complexities involved, a resolution was achieved, with the carrier offering a partial compensation for the amount claimed.

While the settlement did not fully meet the initial claim, it represented a significant recovery for the aggrieved party. Moreover, the client expressed satisfaction with the agreement, recognizing the useful approach taken to resolve the dispute efficiently. Ultimately, the case served as an example of the importance of adaptability and strategic negotiation.

Case Study by

Delfina La Grotteria

Claims Handler