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We are team players that help our clients to improve results, by developing our members and impacting the markets that we are active in, by being innovative and creating better leaders.


Proactivity: we aim for efficiency, delivering results within the minimum time possible.

Constant Improvement: we constantly challenge ourselves to think ¨out of the box¨ in every business situation, from resolving cases to opening new offices. Not only do we take on risk, we thrive on it.

Accountability: We are responsible for our actions and decisions, finding solutions and always acting with integrity.

Transparency: we are open and honest, particularly in the event of a conflict of interest with our clients. We will inform our clients from the start our position and always seek a solution that will imply the least possible cost and/or liabilities for our clients.

Knowledge Sharing: we encourage training and development, both for our team and for our potential and current clients.


Our BARBUSS values are central to the development of our business and the way we interact with employees, clients, suppliers, and the industry as a whole, creating a positive, constructive and sustainable environment for all.

RESULTS ORIENTED: We seek the best result in the least possible time.

LESS FORMALITIES: We avoid unnecessary formalities to stay agile and focused on delivering high-quality service.

COST EFFECTIVE: We optimize costs so as to achieve the specific results required by our client.

STANDARDIZATION: We provide seamless service across our network of offices, by means of the fulfillment of the procedures, specialized software and reporting.

LOCAL PRESENCE: We are present in the locations where our client benefits the most, providing them with local support and simplifying administrative.