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NEWSLETTER #20 – 2024

NEWSLETTER #20 – 2024

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  • Expansion in Brazil: Great news! Our São Paulo team has moved into a new, larger office to accommodate our growth. 
  • Upgrading Talent: We believe in continuous learning. Learn from Senior Claims Handler Martina Beverati’s experience and discover how she’s advancing her career at BARBUSS. 
  • Belgium Office Grows: Following São Paulo’s expansion, our commitment to global growth continues. Belgium’s office also received a major upgrade! D
  • Dive into BARBUSS CEO Mauro Arcucci’s recent radio interview: He shares his experiences on becoming a leader in the claims market industry. Listen more here.
  • Ice cream shipment damaged? Contract limitations might not be the full story. Our case study reveals how COGSA regulations may offer higher coverage for damaged cargo on US-bound shipments. 
  • Advance Your Career: Are you seeking new challenges? Explore our current job opportunities and take your career to the next level.