Casualty Report Summary – January 2017

Listed below is a list of the Maritime Casualties we have been informed about during January 2017.

In case you have any cargo on board of these ships, please let us assist you handling this matter and taking all the necessary preventive measures through our global network.

CASUALTY REPORT – January 30th 2017

  • Vessel Destination: EUROPE 

“RMS Wedau” – IMO: 8503096 – Flag: Antigua and Barbuda – Type: General Cargo Ship
On January 17, the “RMS Wedau” enroute from Hamina to Rotterdam encountered trouble with the auxiliary engines, when about to enter the Kiel Canal for the westbound transit. The ship encountered several blackouts and was towed through the locks of the Kiel Canal by the tug “Stein”. The “RMS Wedau was berthed at the Voith Quay of the North Port in Kiel for repairs. The ship continued the voyage on January 25, ETA Jan 27.

“ERAMOS” – IMO: 9614103 – Flag: Marshall Islands – Type: Bulk Carrier // “BLUE EMERALD” – IMO: 9475430 – Flag: Marshall Islands – Type: Tanker
On January 16, the “Erasmos” was in collision with the oil tanker “Blue Emerald” at the port of Leixões. The “Erasmos”, carrying a cargo of grain from Santander, had notified the port of Leixões of its arrival, but a steering failure caused it to sail towards the oil terminal and collide with the “Blue Emerald” which was moored there. The accident forced the closure of an oil terminal and the activation of the emergency plan. By January 26, both ships were moored on the port’s anchorage.

FREYA” – IMO:9219874 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: Container Ship
On January 27, the “Freya”, coming from Helsingborg suffered engine trouble while approaching the locks of the Kiel Canal in Kiel-Holtenau. The ship stopped the approach and returned to the Kiel Fjord for troubleshooting. The crew found out it was a fault between the automatic and manual engine control. After it was fixed, the ship started the next attempt to get into the canal. It finally continued the voyage and berthed at the Athabaska Quay in Hamburg on January 28.

  • Vessel Destination: ASIA 

DAWN KANCHIPURAM” – IMO: 9116917 – Flag: India – Type: Tanker // “MAERSK CHRISTIANSBRO” – IMO: 9116917 – Flag: Singapore – Type: Tanker
On January 28, the LPG-tanker “BW Maple” was in collision with the “Dawn Kanchipuram”  near Kamaraiar Port, Chennai, in the Bay of Bengal. The ships were proceeding on opposite courses: the “Dawn Kanchipuram”, being full loaded, was approaching port, and the “BW Maple”, sailing in ballast, was leaving. The “BW Maple” struck the “Dawn Kanchipuram” at port side in front of superstructure in the cargo tanks area and tore up the hull. Both vessels were safe and anchored off Ennore. The “Abheek” of the Indian Coastguard with 200 litres of oil spill dispersant has been dispatched from Chennai for further assessment of damage to the “Dawn Kanchipuram” and extent of oil spill from the vessel.


CASUALTY REPORT – January 23rd 2017

  • Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“CAPE LEONIDAS” – IMO: 9488865– Flag: Marshall Islands – Type: Bulk Carrier
On January 17, the “Cape Leonidas” suffered engine damage on the Elbe river at km 675,5 at buoy 79 off Kollmar, blocking the ship traffic on the river. The “Cape Leonidas” sailed from Narvik on January 12 with a cargo of ore and was bound to Hansaport in Hamburg. After the damage occurred, the ship initially dropped anchor near the main fairway and was to be towed to the southern side of the river to allow ships to transit the river.

“LEHMANN RUNNER” – IMO: 9100152 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: General Cargo Ship
On January 18, the “Lehmann Runner” sailed from Szczecin to Brake and encountered rudder trouble in the lock of the Kiel Canal in Kiel-Holtenau. It was allowed by the traffic control to continue the voyage. The ship berthed at the South Quay in Brake on January 20. It was also found out that the ship had loaded 45 tons corn more than allowed in Sczcecin. The department for transport and ship safety in Hamburg was notified and banned the ship from sailing.

“LISA” – IMO: 9235505 – Flag: Antigua and Barbuda – Type: General Cargo Ship
On Jan 15, 2017, the “Lisa” ran aground on the River Barrow at Pink Rock on her way to New Ross carrying a cargo of 4500 tons of dry goods. On Jan 17, the “Lisa” was finally pulled free by several tugs. She was underway from Antwerp to Drogedha.

“CONTAINERSHIPS 8” – IMO: 9336244 – Flag: Germany – Type: Container Ship
Enroute from Rotterdam to Helsinki, the “Containerships VIII” was disabled by an engine failure during the transit of the Kiel Canal on Jan 21, 2017. The ship was stuck at Breiholz. The crew managed to restart the engine two hours after the trouble occurred after the exchange of the fuel pipe, and the vessel continued the voyage, arriving in Helsinki on Jan 23.

  • Vessel Destination: ASIA 

“EASTERN GLAMOUR” – IMO: 9459345 – Flag: Hong Kong – Type: Bulk Carrier
On January 17, the “Eastern Glamour” suffered engine failure, while approaching Wenzhou port with a cargo of coal loaded at the Muara Pantai Offshore Coal Terminal in Yu Huan. The vessel started to drift, but tugs and patrol boats were able to get it under control. The ship was anchored and on January 18 it berthed at the Yu Huan Terminal.

CASUALTY REPORT – January 19th 2017

  • Vessel Destination: EUROPE 

“KAPSTADT” – Callsign: DA8479 – Flag: Germany – Type: General Cargo Ship
On January 11th, the “Kapstadt”, ran aground on the Elbe at Geesthacht. The unloaded ship veered off course and got stuck on a groyne. Passing traffic was not hampered. The barge was refloated on the following day and preceded to Bützfleth where she berthed at before sailing on to Hamburg.

“RED CEDAR” – IMO: 9231092 – Flag: Marshall Islands – Type: General Cargo Ship
The “Red Cedar” sailed from Hamburg on January 10th, to Antwerp, ETA, January 12th. On January 11th, she lost 15 containers loaded with corn in the North Sea near Texel as a result of the hard north-westerly wind. At least two containers were spotted by a helicopter before the darkness fell. The “Red Cedar” berthed at the Churchill Dock in Antwerp on January 12th  Initially above Tezel 10 containers went overboard. Later at IJmuiden another three got lost. From a helicopter various containers were spotted in the sea. The containers that went over board off Texel, were now drifting towards Vlieland. The lost boxes contained grain, engine parts, plastic caps, packing material and cardboards, but no hazardous substances. After the container loss in stormy seas, the ship had initially changed course, maybe with the purpose of securing other containers.

“FREDO” – IMO:8504208 – Flag: Germany Type: General Cargo Ship
On January 13th, the “Fredo” enroute from Swinousjscie to Bremerhaven ran into the embankment of the Kiel Canal after having suffered a blackout which also disabled the bow thruster. Some hours later, the ship was able to back off with own power and moored at nearby pilings. Then, the “Fredo” berthed at the Bominflot Quay in the North port of Kiel. On January 14th, she sailed from Kiel and docked at the Bredo Shipyard Bremerhaven for repairs on the following day.

“PENHAR” – IMO:9534365 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: General Cargo Ship
On January 14th, the “Penhar” enroute from Savannah to Gavle suffered engine trouble while transiting the Kiel Canal Eastbound at Kudensee. The cause was damage at a cooling water line. Two tugs pulled the vessel back to Brunsbüttel where she moored at the railway station pilings. In the afternoon the ship tried to resume the voyage, but managed only to reach the communal port in Rendsburg. The ship turned around in Kudensee before returning to Brunsbüttel once again with reduced speed. The ship left the port of Brunsbüttel on January 15 and  resumed the voyage to Gavle, ETA January 18.

  • Vessel Destination: OCEANIA

STELLA CHERISE” – IMO:9522659 – Flag: Singapore – Type: Bulk Carrier // “SPARTACUS”  – IMO:9403528 – Flag: United Kingdom – Type: Bulk Carrier
On January 10th, the bulkcarrier “Stella Cherise” en route from Zhang Jiagang to Port Hedland was in collision with the “Spartacus” in the East China Sea near Shanghai. The “Spartacus” suffered only minor damage and anchored near Shanghai in the Yangtze River estauary. The “Stella Cherise”’s hull was damaged on five meters length at starboard side above and underneath the waterline, and she was suffering water ingress in cargo hold no 5. and was adrift timewise.

CASUALTY REPORT – January 9th 2017

  • Vessel Destination: EUROPE 

“FREM NORDICA” – IMO: 8506024 – Flag: Denmark – Type: General Cargo Ship
On January 5, the “Frem Nordica” enroute from Amsterdam to Aarhus suffered water ingress in the foreship, in severe seas on the Elbe near buoy 17. The bow thruster room was flooded. The captain requested pilot assistance to enter the port of Cuxhaven as shelter. The ship being down by the bow and with restricted manoeverability due to the loss of the bow thruster managed to berth at the Sea Bath Bridge in Cuxhaven.

“HAV MARLIN” – IMO: 9073892 – Flag: Bahamas – Type: General Cargo Ship
On January 7, the “Hav Marlin” enroute from Nordenham to Szczecin suffered engine failure upon entering the small lock of the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel. The ship could be stopped in time before alliding with the German tug “Wolf” (IMO: 9036260) which was already berthed within the lock in order to assist the casualty “Atlantic Mate”. The “Hav Marlin” continued the voyage after restarting the engine.

“ATLANTIC MATE” – IMO: 9350745 – Flag: Gibraltar – Type: Tanker
In the morning of January 7, the “Atlantic Mate”, en route from Klaipeda to Antwerp, suffered engine failure when entering the new Southern lock of the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel. The ship drifted perpendicular and dropped anchor within the lock. Nethertheless it ran into the gate on the Elbe side which was no longer operable. Until divers have repaired the damage, the lock had to be barred for ship traffic.

  • Vessel Destination: ASIA

“JING FENG 7” – IMO:9581710 – Flag: Hong Kong – Type: General Cargo Ship
On January 3rd, the “Jing Feng 7” ran aground off Ma Wan, west of the main Kwai Tsing container terminal complex in the Port of Hong Kong. The ship was enroute to Shekou from Pohang when it suffered engine failure and drifted onto the shore of Pak Wan on the island. The vessel was successfully towed off the shore and was anchored some distance away in the channel.

“APL DENVER”  – IMO:9345960 – Flag: Gibraltar – Type: Container Ship   // “WAN HAI 301” – IMO:9238155 – Flag: Singapore – Type: Container Ship
On January 3rd,  the “Wan Hai 301”,  suffered a power failure, got out of control and collided with the  “APL Denver” off Pasir Gudang Port. The “APL Denver”, which had left the port on January 2 bound to Hong Kong, reported sustained damage resulting in approximately 300 tonnes of oil spilling. The “APL Denver” returned to the Pasir Gudang Container Terminal on January 4th. The “Wan Hai 301” coming from Port Klang, berthed at the same terminal the day before.

“MSC CLORINDA” – IMO:9484429 – Flag: Panama – Type: Container Ship
On January 4, the “MSC Clorinda” ran aground on the Suez Canal at km 145 while transiting the waterway in northern direction. The vessel was refloated and resumed the voyage four hours later with at least three tugs at her side, near the shore, probably waiting for all the vessels of the northbound convoy to pass by. The “MSC Clorinda” was en route from Singapore to Izmit in the frame of the AE15 Service.