Casualty Report Summary – December 2016

Listed below is a list of the Maritime Casualties we have been informed about during December 2016.

In case you have any cargo on board of these ships, please let us assist you handling this matter and taking all the necessary preventive measures through our global network.

CASUALTY REPORT – December 30th 2016

  • Vessel Destination: EUROPE 

“OCEANMASTER” – IMO:9641340 – Flag: Liberia – Type: Bulk Carrier
On December 28, a fire broke out in the cargo of the “Oceanmaster” at the food terminal at Montoir-de-Bretagne in Saint Nazaire. The bulk carrier was loaded with 12,000 tons of soybeans and had arrived, coming from Constanta, on December 20. The fire was finally extinguished. Eight tons of soybeans were destroyed and 50 tons were polluted, and no injuries were reported.

“ALLEGRA” – IMO:9519169 – Flag: Malta – IMO:9519169
On December 26, the “Allegra” enroute from Newport to Bremen, suffered a failure of the main engine SE of Heligoland and went adrift in stormy seas. The German emergency tug “Nordic” was called to assist the bulkcarrier which was threatened to be pushed aground on a sandbar near the Knechtsand. The tug took the ship in tow and pulled it to a mooring 100 meters off the bar where it waited until the storm abated. On December 27 three tugs were called from Wilhelmshaven resp. Bremerhaven and started to tow the “Allegra” to Bremerhaven on December 28. The ship berthed at the Lloyd Yard  to be repaired by German Dry Dock (GDD).

“CABRERA” – IMO:9191955 – Flag: Antigua and Barbuda – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 23, the “Cabrera” sailed from Larymna to Tornio. On December 24, the vessel ran aground north of Andros Islandin rough weather with a cargo consisting of 3400 metric tons of ferronickel and it sank as it suffered hole in the hull. Only the wheelhouse and the foreship were still showing above the water. Pollution was reported around the sunken vessel in form of debris and oil leak of some 500 sq. meters. The ship had on board 20 tons fuel and 50 tons oil.

“THETIS D” – IMO:9372274 – Flag: Liberia – Type: Container Ship
On December 26, the “Thetis D” lost containers over board in the Northsea which drifted ashore in Wangerooge. Five of the boxes, containing plywood, had been loaded onto the ship on December 23 in Helsinki. On Spiekeroog four boxes came shore, three more in Norderney, and also Langeoog reported grounded containers. The “Thetis D” berthed at the Euromax Terminal in Rotterdam on December 27, remaining there since.

  • Vessel Destination: ASIA

“ONIKS” – IMO:9555321 – Flag: Russia – Type: General Cargo Ship 
On December 29,  the “Oniks” en route from Rotterdam to St. Petersburg allided with the old lock of the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel when entering, coming from the Elbe. The bow hit the middle wall of jetty 2.  The bulbous bow was dented in an area of 1,5 meters. Human error was thought to have been the cause of the allision. The ship was allowed to proceed to Kiel for a class survey where it berthed in the North Port at the Voith Quay on December 30.

“ALANA EVITA” – IMO:9356529 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: General Cargo Ship // “KEY MARMARA” – IMO:9268239 – Flag: Malta – Type: Tanker 
On December 23, the tanker “Key Marmara” allided with the Dutch freighter “Alana Evita” which was docked in Svetly in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. The Key Marmar came off course and could not stop in time so it slammed into the starboard side of the Alana Evita, which had arrived from Gdansk on December 21. The Key Marmara suffered only small damage and continued its voyage from Kaliningrad to Egersund on December 26, while the “Alana Evica” suffered a big hole in the hull – partially below the waterline – and will have to undergo substantial repairs first.

“MV GRANIT” – IMO:9342554 – Flag: Russia – Type: General Cargo Ship
The “Granit” en route from Petropavlovsk to Kozmino with 1040 tons of general cargo and empty container lost propulsion power and went adrift in Sea of Japan near Hokkaido islands. The engineers could not repair the engine and requested assistance. The salvage tug “Neftegaz-55” was deployed from Vladivostok to assist and started towing of the ship to port, ETA December 27.

  • Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“FRI SEA” – IMO:9229166 – Flag: Bahamas – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 27, the “Fri Star” lost 16 containers in a storm in the North Sea. Five of the 40-ft-boxes, which contained plywood, drifted ashore on Wangerooge island in damaged state on December 28 near the lighthouse and the port. Four boxes came ashore on the beach of Spiekeroog, three on Norderney. The ship was expected in Rotterdam on December 30.

“VOLGO-BALT 236” – IMO:8230508 – Flag: Belize – Type: General Cargo Ship // “GALISA” – General Cargo Ship – IMO:8301838 – Type: Maldova  
On December 30, the “Galisa”, loaded with 2817 tons of linseed, struck the docked “Volgo Balt 236” in the port of Yeisk while mooring alongside. She suffered bow dent above the waterline with 150 millimeter deflection. The Volgo Balt 236 was breached amidships at port side above the water line. She also suffered a bent bulwark and a broken fender bar. The “Volgo Balt 236” was loaded with 2901 tons of offal.

CASUALTY REPORT – December 20th 2016

  • Vessel Destination: EUROPE 

“LANGENESS” – Flag: Antigua and Barbuda – IMO:9301134 – Type: Container Ship
On December 17, the “Langeness” en route from Bremerhaven to Helsinki suffered engine trouble and dropped anchor on the Elbe. The ship dropped anchor off Otterndorf on Neufeld West anchorage and was being attended by the tug “Wulf 7” which was called from Cuxhaven since noon. The boxship was towed towards Wilhelmshaven and berthed on the following day in the Jade Weser Port.

“MEGGY” – Flag: Netherlands – MMSI:244700774 – Type: General Cargo Ship 
On December 17, 2016, the “Meggy” loaded with 750 tons fertilizer ran onto the Jungfern Ground on the Rhine at Oberwesel. The ship got stuck on a sandbar completely outside the fairway but its hull remained intact. After an attempt to get off with own power had failed, a tug was sent to assist. Because of the draft of 1,93 meters and the low water level, it was not possible to free the ship without lightering part of the cargo. Hence, about 150 tons of the fertilizer were lightened by a dredger. The “Meggy” was successfully refloated by noon and it continued its way to Magdeburg.

  • Vessel Destination: ASIA 

“VTB 36″ – Flag: Vietnam – IMO: 9577331 – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 9, the “VTB 36” caught fire on the Thị Vải river, upstream from Vũng Tàu. The vessel, being loaded with 4630 tons of maize, was en route from Cái Mép to Quy Nhơn. The fire was extinguished during the night of December 10. In the run of December 10 the ship was anchored in the port area of Phước Hòa in the Tân Thành District. The superstructure was largely gutted.

“PATRIS” – Flag: Iran – IMO: 9137210 – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 15, the “Patris” aground on the Volga–Caspian Sea Canal at km mark 50.5  while passing a one-way fairway leg in floating ice. The vessel, being loaded with 2800 tons of corn, was destined for Anzeli. It was pushed out of the fairway by the ice flows and got into shallows. On December 17, the vessel was still aground, awaiting the owner’s salvage contract. The icebreaker “Kapitan Bukaov” was on standby near the grounding site.

  • Vessel Destination: NORTH AMERICA

“MSC Regulus” – Flag: Panama – IMO:9465291 – Type: Container Ship
On December 17,  the “MSC Regulus” was in collision with the fishing boat “Don Gerardo 2” from Manta. The accident happenedd off the Zorritos district of Peru. The “Don Gerardo 2”, which had left port on December 14, capsized and sank. The container ship, which had sailed from Callao on December 15 and was bound to Lazaro Cardenas, remained at the accident site.

  • Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“ANDERS” – Flag: Norway – IMO: 5016171 – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 13, the Norwegian cargo m/v “Anders” suffered water ingress in the stern at the quay of the Stamnes Motorverkstad and started to list to port. Dewatering of the vessel started and firefighters managed to stabilize the ship somehow, but the situation was not resolved yet as the leak in the engine room had not yet been localized. Oil spilt into the water, and oul booms were mobilized from Bergen. The “Anders” was tied up alongside the “Eide Senior”, which was threatened to go down if the freighter sank.

“MOL Brilliance” – Flag: Antigua and Barbuda – IMO:9301134 – Type:Container Ship
On December 17, the “MOL Brilliance” was in collision with the coastal container barge “Cai Mep 28” of the Jiangnan company in Saigon. The container ship struck the barge at starboard side with its bulbous bow. The containers were hoisted from the barge and taken to warehouses of the Cai Border Station for storage. The accident happpened while the “MOL Brilliance” was turning on the Cai Mep-Thi River towards sea when she suddenly lost control and sailed towards a wharf off which the “Cai Mep 28” was trying to pass. Due to the short distance, the barge captain could not escape the approaching bulbous bow.

CASUALTY REPORT – December 12th 2016

  • Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“CONTAINERSHIPS 8” – Flag: Germany – IMO:9336244 – Type: Container Ship
On December 7, the “Containerships 8” en route from Rotterdam to Kotka suffered a technical failure in the Elbe estuary in the afternoon and was taken in tow by the tug “Wulf 7” (IMO: 9183075) on the outer Elbe roads. Also the tug “Bugsier 15” (IMO: 9021112), came to assist as stern tug. The ship was pulled to Cuxhaven where it was berthed at the Steubenhöft.

“GLOBE TRINCO” – Flag: Marshall Islands –  IMO:9403126 – Type: Bulk Carrier
On December 8, the “Globe Trinco” ran aground on the Paraná River at km 401, close to the Rosario Port, and was reportedly obstructing the navigation in the area. The ship had sailed from San Lorenzo bound to Bejia, ETA Dec 14. On December 9 the bulk carrier was refloated by the tugs “Coopor Estibador I” and “Coopor Estibador II”.

“ANNA SMILE” – Flag: Marshall Islands – IMO:9280770 – Type: Bulk Carrier
On December 8, the “Anna Smile” suffered engine failure while transiting the Bosphorus enroute from Saleef to Nikolaev in northern direction shortly after passing the First Bridge. The “Anna Smile” had to drop anchor to avoid a collision or grounding. The tug “Kurtarma 8” and “Kurtarma 3” as well as the lifeboats “Kıyı Emniyeti 6” and “Kıyı Emniyeti 8” came to assist. The casualty blocked the traffic for about two hours, until it was moved back to the Marmara Sea and moored in the mooring area of Ahırkapı off Zeytinburnu. On the same day, the shipping lane was open for traffic again.

“ASKOE” – Flag: Liberia – IMO:9333450 – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 8, the “Askoe”, loaded with pellets ran aground off Hässelby when approaching the port NW of Stockholm in the early morning. The “Askoe” was en route from Södertälje to Hässelby. The foreship was damaged, and she was taking in water, being hard aground. No oil leakeage was reported. On December 11, the “Askö” was refloated after enough cargo was lightered onto the barge “Oliver” from Stockholm with a mobile crane. After initial surveys, the ship was berthed at the Hässelby power station on December 12 where it will be thoroughly inspected.

  • Vessel Destination: ASIA 

“ANTAIOS” – Flag: Liberia – IMO:9196383 – Type: Bulk Carrier
On December 2, the “Antaios” suffered a fire in the engine room, while en route from San Lorenzo to Hodeidah. The damages caused by the fire led to water ingress in the engine room. When the flooding became uncontrollable, the captain decided to make a distress call. Samsa’s Centre for Sea Watch and Response (CSWR) received a satellite phone call from the ore carrier “NSU Inspire” (IMO: 9438913) about getting a distress call from the “Antaios”. The response to the broadcast was immediate and a total of 24 merchant ships called SAMSA’s CSWR offering their assistance. The NSU Inspire headed to Cape Town and dropped the crew off on 6 December 2016. On December 7 SAMSA reported that the Antaios was currently under tow by the salvage tug “Smit Amandla”.

  • Vessel Destination: NORTH AMERICA 

“JO KIRI” – Flag: Singapore – IMO: 9266231 – Type: Tanker
On December 5, the “Jo Kiri”, en route from Galveston to Bayport, suffered a fire in the engine room . The tanker was near Eagle Point when the fire broke out while transiting the Houston Ship Canal towards the Vo Pak Terminal and blocked ship traffic in the canal. The fire was extinguished within an hour and the tanker was taken to the Red Buff Terminal in Houston.Traffic was reopened in the afternoon.

CASUALTY REPORT – December 5th 2016

  • Vessel Destination: EUROPE 

“BESIKTAS BOSPHORUS” – Flag: Turkey – IMO:9290373 – Type: Tanker // “CHRYSSI” – Flag: Bahamas – IMO:9000572 – Type: Tanker
On November 30, the “Besiktas Bosphorus” was in collision with the “Chryssi” at the northern entrance of the Dardanelles in the Marmara Sea. The “Besiktas Bosphorus”, en route from Rotterdam to Trieste with a cargo of 140.000 tons oil, was anchored since November 24 and waiting for the transit. The “Chryssi” which had been moored since November 22, was sailing in southern direction and about to enter the Dardanelles. The “Besiktas Bosphorus” suffered slight damages at port side, including the bridge wing.

“MUROS” – Flag: Spain – IMO:9397640 – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 3rd, the “Muros” ran aground en route from Teesport to Rochfort off Happisburgh in the North Sea. She grounded on a sandbank and was resting on even keel. On December 5 the “Muros” was still stuck with the “RT Adriaan” on site.

“SALIX” – Flag: Cook Islands – IMO:8520446 – Type: General Cargo Ship
In the evening of December 1, the “Salix” ran into the embankment at the Kogge Port of Vlaardingen after veering off course by yet unkonwn reasons. The ship was stuck for a short time and then moved to the First Werk Port for surveys. It could not continue the voyage to Hamburg and berthed at the Keppel Verolme Shipyard in Rotterdam for repairs to the bulbous bow. The embankment suffered significant damage when the ship ran onto it.

“DAAN” – Flag: Netherlands – IMO:9201956 – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 5, the “Daan”, while en route from Szczecin to St. Malo, encountered technical trouble with the main engine while entering the Great Northern lock of the Kiel Canal being westbound in Brunsbüttel. The engine could not be reversed, and the ship slammed into the closed gate 1. The bow suffered significant damage, the bulwark was torn off in large areas. The ship was moored at the pilings of the inner Brunsbüttel port at the South shore.

  • Vessel Destination: ASIA 

“KANG YUN” – Flag: Taiwan – IMO: 9014339 – Type: Tanker
On December 1st, the “Kang Yun” loaded with more than 20.000 tons of jet fuel and a crew of 24, ran aground 200 meters off the pier of the oil terminal at Keelung upon entering the port of Shen’ao in New Taipei. The grounding was caused by an engine failure. The ship having a draught of up to 9,2 meters, got stuck with the stern on the rocky bottom.  No leak was reported yet and the condition of hull is unknown.

“VOLGO DON 203” – Flag: Russia – IMO:8866010 – Type: General Cargo Ship
On December 2nd, the “Volgo Don 203” ran hard aground in high southeastern winds at the shore in the Marmara Sea between Pendik and Kartal close to the the Maruinturk Istambul City Port. The “Volgo Don 203” was en route from Istanbul to Izmir and had on board 37 tons fuel oil.  Immediately the tugs “Kurtarma 7” and the lifeboat “Kiyi Emniyeti 3” were dispatched to the ship. The crew was taken off and the ship evacuated.

  • Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“FT FORCE” – Flag: Malta – IMO:9447237 – Type: Tanker // “HAPPY EAGLE” – Flag: United Kingdom – IMO:9040170 – Type: Tanker
On December 4, the “FT Foce” struck the stern of the moored LPG tanker “Happy Eagle” which was berthed at the Alfau Wharf in Ceuta while maneuvering as she was leaving the port. The “FT Foce” got out of control after an engine failure. The ships remained hooked together until initial investigations showed that there was no serious damage. The “FT Foce” suffered bow damages, whereas the starboard hull of the “Happy Eagle” suffered dents and damaged railings. Work then began to separate the vessels, while members of the classification societies of both ships started investigating the exact amount of damage. For this purpose both ships remained moored in the dock of Alfau.