We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE 

“LMZ PLUTO” – IMO:9585326 – Flag: Marshal Islands – Type: Bulk Carrier

On March 23, a fire broke out aboard the “LMZ Pluto” on the Wester Scheldt near Ossenisse. She had sailed from Antwerp bound to Turkey. The Zeeland Safety Region immediately alerted a KNRM lifeboat and the MIRG, a unit of the fire brigade that specializes in combating fires on board ships. Later it has been decided not to bring the MIRG on board the ship but towards the ship. The crew first tried to extinguish the fire themselves. The ship has been taken to the Put van Terneuzen to be able to anchor there. The tugs “Carl”, “Multratug 20”, “Multratug 32” and “Union 6” were deployed to the bulkcarrier. Also, the patrol boat “RWS 79” went alongside.

Vessel Destination: SOUTH AMERICA

“OCEAN DIAMOND” – IMO:9465162 – Flag: Liberia – Type: Bulk Carrier

On March 19, the “Ocean Diamond” was disabled due to a total failure of its main engine, while approaching the First Narrows Bridge, English Bay, British Columbia. The vessel returned to Anchorage 14 off Vancouver for repairs with the assistance of two tugs and moored on March 20. She sailed on March 21 and resumed the voyage to Buenaventura, ETA April 4.

“LAURA MAERSK” – IMO:9190731 – Flag: Denmark – Type: Container Ship

On March 24, the container ship “Laura Maersk” was in collision with the “MSC Shuba B” in the port of Callao while manoevering off quay 5 of the APM Terminals. Despite attempts of the tugs to avoid the Maersk-ship slamming into the starboard side of the MSC-vessel, it hit the stern, causing minor damage. The “Laura Maersk” left the port again on March 25, the “MSC Shuba B” followed, bound to San Antonio, Chile, with an ETA as of March 28.

Vessel Destination: AFRICA

“NAUTICAL GLOBAL XVI” –  IMO:9113135 – Flag: Panama – Type: Tanker

On March 22, while leaving the Kandla port, Gujarat, enroute to Suez, the cargo m/v “Pac Seginus”, was in allision with the anchored “Nautical Global XVI” – which was in cold layup – on Kandla OTB anchorage – The tanker lost its port side anchor and went adrift, having a close call with the anchored tanker “Tiger Integrity” before being brought under control and anchored again. Apart from the lost anchor she also suffered ballast tank damages. The cargo vessel was anchored near the collision site after the accident.

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“M.V.CHOWRA” – IMO:8020161  – Flag: India – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 23, a fire broke out in one of the crew cabins of the “Chowra” while the ship was berthed at Port Blair, Andaman Islands. The crew was unable to extinguish fire by own means, and firefighters were called. They brought the fire under control. Several crew cabins were damaged or destroyed.