We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“NS ANGELA” – IMO: 9071076 – Flag: Panama – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 8, the “NS Angela”, en route from Thessaloniki to Gemlik suffered a technical failure during the passage of the Istanbul Strait and dropped anchor at the Karanlik liman anchorage. The strait passage permission was temporarily cancelled until the completion of permanent repairs.

“SIDER MARIEL” – IMO:9421128 – Flag: Portugal – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 10, 2018, the “Sider Mariel” was allowed to leve the port of Ravenna and headed to Baris, ETA March 12. The ship had been in port since February 28 and was detained after a loss of cooling water from the main engine while manoevering to leave the port with tug and pilot’s assistance. The ship had arrived in Ravenna from Koper (Capodistria) with a cargo of steel. The Port Authority activated the emergency procedures. The tug immediately proceeded to moor the ship at the quay, remaining in constant contact with the Guard Officers. Thanks to the rapid and concerted intervention, the ship was safely berthed and therefore the normal conditions of the port were immediately restored.

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“ANDOR” – IMO:8230285 – Flag: Russia – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 5, the “Andor” was in collision with the seiner “Hors”   while proceeding at the anchorage in Kerch Strait. The “Andor” was anchored after the collision, while the “Hors” proceeded to the port of Kerch and berthed at a shipyard for repairs. The “Andor” suffered damage over a three-metre length of the starboard side bulwark. She was enroute from Rostov-on-Don to Kavkaz with a cargo of 3,300 tons wheat.

“TSUNAMI”  – Callsign:DA6988 – Flag: Germany  – Type: General Cargo Ship                    

On March 6, the “Tsunami”, which had suffered water ingress at Raiffeisen in Mehrum, remained stationary. The leak could be located in the bottom of the hull. The canal authority was still to decide whether the ship would be allowed to proceed to a yard or first would have to be unloaded and patched on scene. Water was still pouring into the engine room which was, however, immediately pumped back into the Mittelland Canal. There was no oil left which could cause a pollution.