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We are a global team that helps to improve results in the (re) insurance and international trade industries, focused on effective claims management and recoveries.


  • Proactivity. We work with utmost efficiency, providing results in the shortest possible time.
  • Constant Improvement. We constantly challenge ourselves to think “out of the box” in every business situation, from resolving cases to opening new offices. Not only do we take on risk, we thrive on it.
  • Closeness to clients. We provide seamless and transparent information about the current status of claims and their strategy, by means of a reporting system that contains the essential financial data.
  • Transparency. We are open and honest, particularly in the event of a conflict of interests with our clients. We will inform our clients from the start our position and always seek a solution that will imply the least possible cost and/or liabilities for our clients.
  • Respect for our employees, clients and third parties. We welcome people diversity, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any kind of difference.  Within the frame of the applicable labour laws, we endeavor to provide our employees with extra benefits.
  • Knowledge Sharing. We encourage training and development, both in-company and for our potential and actual clients.


  • Results Oriented. We seek the best result in the least possible time.
  • Closeness to Client. We are proactive with the client, providing seamless and transparent information about the strategy and handling of each claim.
  • Less Formalities. We recover without the need for originals and the least possible documentation (Survey Report, Subrogation Receipt, Contract and Invoice).
  • Cost Effective. We allocate costs so as to achieve the specific results required by our client.
  • Standardization. We provide a seamless service across our network of offices, by means of the fulfillment of the procedures set for claims handling, specialized software and reporting.
  • Local Presence. We are present in the destinations where our clients benefit the most, providing them with local support and simplifying administrative inefficiencies.

What We Do



We handle claims arising from sea transport of goods. Such claims are filed directly with the headquarters of the opponents, with effective and efficient results.

> Recovery (cargo, third-party liability and terminals, warehouses and deposits) > Commercial Disputes and Maritime Shipments > Charter Party Disputes > Advising and managing marine claims (port to port, multimodal B/Ls, inland river).



We offer legal assistance services for Liability Claims (mediation & judicial defence) servicing regional programs on General Liability, Transport Liability, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Errors and Omission and D&O.



We handle business interruption and other financial losses connected to property damages. Our in-house expertise on industrial exposures, breakdown machinery and business interruption, provides us with the required knowledge on the liability regime to recover against any potential liable third party in all type of property claims, such as fire, design fault of spare parts, etc.



Our legal department advises on all kinds of preventive and legal related work, representing cargo owners, insurers and reinsurers. Our international network of offices enables us to make use of important negotiating tools of International Law, in order to solve disputes on behalf of our clients in a seamless, skillful and effective manner. We have broad experience in conducting legal cases relating to property, casualty, marine, energy, business interruption and time bar interruption.

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"We are a global team with local presence, bringing us closer to our clients."

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We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“SOPHIE DEYMANN” – Callsign:PA2412 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: General Cargo Ship

On April 9, the “Sophie Deymann”, which was berthed at the quay of the Frankenbach container terminal at river km 501 in Mainz was hit by another barge which was sailing Rhine upstream and suddenly veered off course and slammed into its side. The container barge was hit at port side near the wheelhouse and dented on both sides. The ship, however, remained seaworthy and was allowed to continue the voyage to Antwerp to unload the cargo before entereing a repair yard. It left the port of Mainz on April 10 at 2.15 p.m. with an ETA at Antwerp as of April 13.

Vessel Destination: ASIA

GULUZAR ISIK” – IMO:7905649 – Flag: Turkey – Type: General Cargo Ship           

On April 12, the “Guluzar Isik”, en route from Bartin to Bandirma suffered an engine failure. The tug “Turkuaz 2” was deployed to tow the ship to Bandirma. During the Istanbul Strait passage, Coastal safety tugs provided escort for the vessel, ETA at Bandirma April 16.

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“OBSERVATOR” – IMO:9553244 – Flag: Liberia – Type: Bulk Carrier

On April 14, the lighter ship “Bilash” sank with a cargo coal on board sank at Bagerhat’s Mongla in the Harbaria area after having received the cargo from the “Observator”. The bulkcarrier had anchored at Haribaria – 6 carrying 24,500 metric tonnes of coal on Apr 13. The “Bilash” with a capacity of 1,000 metric tonnes received 775 metric tonnes from the vessel and set off for Dhaka’s Mirpur but ran aground on a sandbar in the Sundarbans nearly 60 nautical miles from the port at Harbaria-5. The crew contacted the port for help. The “Shib Sha” was sent to the location to try and rescue the “Bilash”, but the tides overturned the ship around 3 a.m. and caused it to sink. The coal load was not released and there was no concern of an environmental threat. Parts of the lighter ship were still visible and recovery operations were ongoing.

“MV.ROYAL 09” – IMO:9560807 – Flag: Vietnam – Type: Bulk Carrier

On April 15, 2018, the “Royal 09”, which was anchored about a cable downstream from the Đồng Nai Bridge on the Đồng Nai River in Bien Hoa City, after a technical problem, broke lose from her anchor with the rising tide in combination with strong winds. The disabled ship drifted about 100 meters upstream, alliding with the bridge. The ship’s stern got stuck in the construction, and the bridge traffic was suspended. After about 30 minutes three tugs pulled the unloaded ship out which was moored nearby. The bridge sustained only slight damages due to the impact, and crossing traffic has been resumed since. The crew of nine of the vessel was not injured.


interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“AASNES” – IMO:9101546 – Flag: Gibraltar- Type: General Cargo Ship

On April 7, the “Aasnes”, en route from Bremen to Dublin, with a crew of nine on board, suffered a problem with the fuel pump, 19 miles southeast of St Albans Head The vessel was loaded with a cargo of slag. The fuel pump was replaced, and the repairs were completed. The vessel then resumed sailing.

Vessel Destination: ASIA

“RANDA” – IMO:8414283 – Flag: Togo – Type: General Cargo Ship

On April 3, the “Randa”, en route from Kavkaz to Beirut, suffered an engine failure at the northern entrance of the Canakkale Strait and dropped anchor at the first convenient place. The vessel’s strait passage permission was temporarily cancelled by the Strait Authority until completion of permanent repairs. The repairs were still being carried out by crew and the vessel remained stationary at the anchorage on April 5.

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“DA PU JIANG” – Callsign:BHOE  – Flag: China – Type:  General Cargo Ship

On April 6, the Zhoushan MRCC received a distress signal of the “Da Pu jiang” which was sinking in northern Zhoushan waters, south of Shanghai. The ship capsized, the 13 crew members managed to get into life rafts. A rescue vessel from the Donghai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport arrived at the scene at 5:46 a.m. and found ten of the crew on board a life raft with three missing. A helicopter joined the search at 6:05 a.m. and located two of the missing, who were rescued too and said to now be in a stable condition. At 7:04 a.m., rescuers found a body in the water. The ship was en route from Caofeidian to Wuhu. Part of the accomodation and the port side were still visible above water.

“GOLDEN SUNNY HANA” – IMO:9808857 – Flag: South Korea – Type: Tanker

On April 8, an explosion occurred on the “Golden Sunny Hana” at Ichinada, 12 kilometers off the coast of Kunisato City, Oita Prefecture. The ship had a crew of 15 of South Korean and Indonesian nationality on board. An Indonesian man, aged 28, suffered burns at the leg and was transported to a hospital in Oita city. The tanker was underway from Yeosu to Ichihara at the time of the accident. The Maritime Security Division started an investigation while the ship was moored off Oita.


We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“LILY-B” – IMO:9066069 – Flag: Germany – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 31, the “Lily- B”, en route from Port Penrhyn to Rotterdam with a crew of six on board, suffered a fouled propeller by the chain of a fairway buoy off Holyhead. The vessel had on board 2120 tonnes of slate and 24.8 metric tonnes of marine gasoil. The tug “Afon Alaw” of the Holyhead towing company was sent to assist to tow the vessel to Rotterdam on April 1.

“EDENBORG” – IMO:9463449 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: General Cargo Ship

On April 1, the “Edenborg”, while enroute from Unye to Moerdijk, experienced technical failure at the northern entrance of Istanbul Strait. The vessel dropped anchor at Turkeli anchorage. The strait passage permission was temporarily cancelled by the the Strait authority, until completion of permanent repairs. On April 3 the ship berthed in Istanbul and sailed again at 6.30 a.m., ETA Moerdijk as of April 14.

Vessel Destination: AFRICA

“STRAUSS” – IMO:9306471 – Flag: Cyprus – Type: Container Ship

On April 1, the “Strauss” got an allision damage suffered at the starboard side stern above the waterline repaired at the Dique de Abrigo Ingeniero in Algeciras. The ship, enroute from Antwerp to Tanger, intitial ETA April 2, entered port on March 30, left the jetty on April and berthed at the Eurogate Terminal Tanger-Med one day late on April 3.

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“HERMANN BURMESTER” – ENI:08043013 – Flag: Luxembourg – Type: Tanker

On April 2, the “Montanara“, was in collision with the tank barge “Hermann Burmeister“, on the Waal at Gendt The coal loaded “Montanara“ had suffered an electrical blackout which disabled the vessel. It drifted river downstream with the current until it hit the “Hermann Burmester“, which had sailed from Asterdam on April 1 and suffered a leak in the foreship with ensuing water ingress. The fire brigade of Millingen and Rijkswaterstaat attended the ship, and the water ingress could be brought under control with additional dewatering pumps. Escorted by a fire boat and a patrol boat of Rijkswaterstaat the tank barge was taken to the emergency port in Lobith. A mechanic meanwhile repaired the power supply aboard the “Montanara“ which berthed in Rotterdam.