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We are a global team that helps to improve results in the (re) insurance and international trade industries, focused on effective claims management and recoveries.


  • Proactivity. We work with utmost efficiency, providing results in the shortest possible time.
  • Constant Improvement. We constantly challenge ourselves to think “out of the box” in every business situation, from resolving cases to opening new offices. Not only do we take on risk, we thrive on it.
  • Closeness to clients. We provide seamless and transparent information about the current status of claims and their strategy, by means of a reporting system that contains the essential financial data.
  • Transparency. We are open and honest, particularly in the event of a conflict of interests with our clients. We will inform our clients from the start our position and always seek a solution that will imply the least possible cost and/or liabilities for our clients.
  • Respect for our employees, clients and third parties. We welcome people diversity, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any kind of difference.  Within the frame of the applicable labour laws, we endeavor to provide our employees with extra benefits.
  • Knowledge Sharing. We encourage training and development, both in-company and for our potential and actual clients.


  • Results Oriented. We seek the best result in the least possible time.
  • Closeness to Client. We are proactive with the client, providing seamless and transparent information about the strategy and handling of each claim.
  • Less Formalities. We recover without the need for originals and the least possible documentation (Survey Report, Subrogation Receipt, Contract and Invoice).
  • Cost Effective. We allocate costs so as to achieve the specific results required by our client.
  • Standardization. We provide a seamless service across our network of offices, by means of the fulfillment of the procedures set for claims handling, specialized software and reporting.
  • Local Presence. We are present in the destinations where our clients benefit the most, providing them with local support and simplifying administrative inefficiencies.

What We Do



We handle claims arising from sea transport of goods. Such claims are filed directly with the headquarters of the opponents, with effective and efficient results.

> Recovery (cargo, third-party liability and terminals, warehouses and deposits) > Commercial Disputes and Maritime Shipments > Charter Party Disputes > Advising and managing marine claims (port to port, multimodal B/Ls, inland river).



We offer legal assistance services for Liability Claims (mediation & judicial defence) servicing regional programs on General Liability, Transport Liability, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Errors and Omission and D&O.



We handle business interruption and other financial losses connected to property damages. Our in-house expertise on industrial exposures, breakdown machinery and business interruption, provides us with the required knowledge on the liability regime to recover against any potential liable third party in all type of property claims, such as fire, design fault of spare parts, etc.



Our legal department advises on all kinds of preventive and legal related work, representing cargo owners, insurers and reinsurers. Our international network of offices enables us to make use of important negotiating tools of International Law, in order to solve disputes on behalf of our clients in a seamless, skillful and effective manner. We have broad experience in conducting legal cases relating to property, casualty, marine, energy, business interruption and time bar interruption.

Our Global Footprint

"We are a global team with local presence, bringing us closer to our clients."

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We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“KRISTIN SCHEPERS” – IMO:9404089 – Flag: Cyprus – Type: Container Ship        

On February 11, the “Kristin Schepers”, en route from Rotterdam to Leixoes with a crew of 12 on board, reported a fault with cylinder head No.6, with slight water ingress. The repairs were estimated to require 16 to 18 hours at anchor, and the vessel was unable to manoeuvre, once repairs commenced. However, no assistance was required. The vessel was heading for Falmouth for anchorage, approximately eight nautical miles southeast of St. Anthony Head, arriving there at 9 p.m. The vessel was carrying 6,457 metric tonnes of containers. Repairs were completed the same day, ETA Leixoes February 14.

“RHEIN1SL” – Callsign: LZNS – Flag: Bulgaria – Type: General Cargo Ship

On February 11, the “Rhein 1 SL” suffered an engine damage on the Danube near Osterhofen with a cargo of 2.200 tons rape. At the end of the Mühhhamer bend the master remarked that the engine capacity was reduced, and at river km 2271,00 it totally failed so that the barge had to be emergency anchored. It turned out that a repair on site was impossible. The front barge was anchored on site, and the pusher barge was taken in tow by an Ukrainian tug to the port of Deggendorf. The whole removal operation was completed in the evening. The “Rhein 1 SL” was taken from Deggendorf to Straubing, where she was berthed.

Vessel Destination: ASIA

“GOLDEN SEA” – IMO:8800298 – Flag: Tanzania – Type: Tanker      

On February 12, the “Golden Sea” suffered engine failure in the Bosphorus near Maiden’s Tower (Kiz Kulesi), while transiting the strait in southern direction. Coastal Safety tugs attended the scene in order to protect both vessel and strait traffic. Subsequently, the vessel was secured by tugs and towed from the place of incident to the Istanbul tanker anchorage area. During the towage operation, incident scene and towage tracks were declared a restricted zone for all types of marine traffic. The vessel’s departure permission has been cancelled by strait authority until completion of permanent repairs at Istanbul anchorage. Vessel has to pay salvage expenses to Coastal Safety account and a fine prior to departure. The tanker was en route from Turkish Black sea to Tripoli

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“MARCOS DIAS” – IMO:9070565 – Flag: Brazil – Type: Bulk Carrier 

On February 5, the “Marcos Dias” remained berthed at warehouse 22 in Santos where she had berthed for discharging of 43,100 metric tons of salt in bulk. The oberserved leak of oil was found to have been caused by a valve failure. Around 80 litres had leaked. The operations of collecting and removing of the oil were completed in the afternoon of Feb 8. The discharge operation re-started at 7 p.m.


“NK KHALEDA” – IMO:9044243 – Flag: Togo  – Type: General Cargo Ship

On February 5, NK Khaleda with 16 people on board, experienced main engine trouble and was adrift. UTC. The crew were unable to contact their company and they asked the Netherlands Coast Guard to inform the company, which they did. The cause of incident is unknown.


We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“BERG” – IMO:8896040 – Flag: Moldova – Type: General Cargo Ship

On January 31, the “Berg” suffered hull breach and list under unknown circumstances in Crimea Peninsula waters, while en route from Kerch to Bandirma. The hull was holed on starboard side and the sjip sustained water ingress 16 nautical miles from Cape Chauda. The ship changed course and headed for the Feodosia Bay where she was anchored. The 12 crew members, consisting of citizens of Ukraine and Azerbaijan, were evacuated by rescue vessel to Theodosia. Divers were sent down to survey the hull damage.

Vessel Destination: ASIA

“MOL PRESTIGE” – IMO:9321029 – Flag: Singapore – Type: Container Ship           

On January 31, the MOL Prestige” was disabled by an engine room fire approximately 207 nautical miles off Haida Gwaii, B.C., with a crew of 23 on board. She was en route from Vancouver, where she had sailed on January 29, to Tokyo, when a major fire broke out west of Haida Gwaii. Three people were inside the engine room when the fire broke out. A senior crew member helped get them out. Two were airlifted to hospital with blistered hands by an Royal Canadian Air Force CH-149 Cormorant helicopter to Queen Charlotte City where BC Ambulance services transported them to a hospital. The third recovered on board. The remaining crew of 20 was able to put out the fire. The ship was now dead in the water, running only on internal power. The Victoria Joint Rescue Coordination Centre dispatched a CC-115 Buffalo aircraft. The American tank m/v “Polar Resolution” (IMO: 9193563) responded to the distress call and went on standby until relieved by the Canadian Coast Guard ship “Sir Wilfrid Laurier”, which was expected to arrive by midnight. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines from Singapore has contracted the tug “Denise Foss” of Foss Maritime to tow the “MOL Prestige” to an as-yet undetermined port. The tug, based in Neah Bay, Washington, was en route and is expected to arrive on February 3.

“YIN LONG” – IMO:9012161 – Flag: Togo – Type: General Cargo Ship

On February 5, the “Yin Long” suffered engine failure in the Inner Japan Sea at Harina-Nada, and was brought to anchor. The ship was enroute from Kawasaki to Gunsan.

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“RACHEL” – IMO:9361122 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: General Cargo Ship

On February 4, the “Rachel”, en route from Antwerp to Cork with seven people on board, suffered a water leakage in the engine room in the southwest bound lane of the Dover Strait Traffic Separation Scheme. The ship drifted with a speed of 0.4 knots while repairs were carried out. The vessel was carrying 4.400 tonnes of Fertiliser on board, along with 82.1 litres of diesel oil, 92.6 Litres of heavy fuel oil and 3.400 litres of lube oil. At midnight a rubber water pipe replacement and the repairs in the engine room have been completed and the vessel resumed the voyage, ETA February 5.