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We are a global team that helps to improve results in the (re) insurance and international trade industries, focused on effective claims management and recoveries.


  • Proactivity. We work with utmost efficiency, providing results in the shortest possible time.
  • Constant Improvement. We constantly challenge ourselves to think “out of the box” in every business situation, from resolving cases to opening new offices. Not only do we take on risk, we thrive on it.
  • Closeness to clients. We provide seamless and transparent information about the current status of claims and their strategy, by means of a reporting system that contains the essential financial data.
  • Transparency. We are open and honest, particularly in the event of a conflict of interests with our clients. We will inform our clients from the start our position and always seek a solution that will imply the least possible cost and/or liabilities for our clients.
  • Respect for our employees, clients and third parties. We welcome people diversity, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any kind of difference.  Within the frame of the applicable labour laws, we endeavor to provide our employees with extra benefits.
  • Knowledge Sharing. We encourage training and development, both in-company and for our potential and actual clients.


  • Results Oriented. We seek the best result in the least possible time.
  • Closeness to Client. We are proactive with the client, providing seamless and transparent information about the strategy and handling of each claim.
  • Less Formalities. We recover without the need for originals and the least possible documentation (Survey Report, Subrogation Receipt, Contract and Invoice).
  • Cost Effective. We allocate costs so as to achieve the specific results required by our client.
  • Standardization. We provide a seamless service across our network of offices, by means of the fulfillment of the procedures set for claims handling, specialized software and reporting.
  • Local Presence. We are present in the destinations where our clients benefit the most, providing them with local support and simplifying administrative inefficiencies.

What We Do



We handle claims arising from sea transport of goods. Such claims are filed directly with the headquarters of the opponents, with effective and efficient results.

> Recovery (cargo, third-party liability and terminals, warehouses and deposits) > Commercial Disputes and Maritime Shipments > Charter Party Disputes > Advising and managing marine claims (port to port, multimodal B/Ls, inland river).



We offer legal assistance services for Liability Claims (mediation & judicial defence) servicing regional programs on General Liability, Transport Liability, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Errors and Omission and D&O.



We handle business interruption and other financial losses connected to property damages. Our in-house expertise on industrial exposures, breakdown machinery and business interruption, provides us with the required knowledge on the liability regime to recover against any potential liable third party in all type of property claims, such as fire, design fault of spare parts, etc.



Our legal department advises on all kinds of preventive and legal related work, representing cargo owners, insurers and reinsurers. Our international network of offices enables us to make use of important negotiating tools of International Law, in order to solve disputes on behalf of our clients in a seamless, skillful and effective manner. We have broad experience in conducting legal cases relating to property, casualty, marine, energy, business interruption and time bar interruption.

Our Global Footprint

"We are a global team with local presence, bringing us closer to our clients."

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We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“NORDIKA DESGAGNES” – IMO:9508316 – Flag: Barbados – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 10, the “Nordika Desgagnes” suffered a steering failure enroute from Montreal to Spain east of Halifax in the Atlantic. On March 12 the tug “Atlantic Larch (IMO: 9193745) took the ship in tow back towards Canada. On March 16 the tug was replaced by the “Sir Wilfred Grenfell” and the “Louis S. St-Laurent” of the Canadian Coastguard. On March 17 she reached Port Hawkesbury upon Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and was berthed in port.

MAERSK ERIN” – IMO:9274628 – Flag: Denmark – Type: Tanker

On March 17, the “Maersk Erin” suffered a steam leak in the engine room. The damage was reported to the to National Maritime Operations Centre of the British Coastguard. The vessel was contacted by VHF by the Solent Coastguard and confirmed that the defect was rectified at 10.43 a.m. The tanker resumed its passage from Primorsk to Lorient, where it dropped anchor off the port on March 18.

Vessel Destination: ASIA

DONG KUN 7” – IMO:8740137 – Flag: Palau – Type:  General Cargo Ship

On March 17, the tanker “Shoei Maru No. 8”, coming from Yokkaichi, was in collision with the “Dong Kun 7” which was en route from Korea to Tagonouraon the Pacific south of Nishimura in southeast Honshu. Both ships sustained serious damage. The tanker which was loaded with 500 tons of oil product was breached and suffered a leak. On March 18. The tanker was adrift in pos. 33 25 N 135 22 E. Later both ships were taken to the Tanabe Bay north of the collision site with two tugs remaining nearby.

Vessel Destination: AFRICA

“MAERSK KENSINGTON” – IMO:9333010 – Flag: United States of America – Type: Container Ship

On March 16,a fire broke out in a below-deck container on board the “Maersk Kensington” in the eastern Gulf of Aden. The ship was en route from Salalah towards Suez. All 26 crew members are safe and accounted for and the fire is reported to be contained. Safety measures were taken immediately. The crew reacted swiftly and as per procedure, by release of CO2 into the cargo hold to contain the fire. The ship dropped anchor off Salalah.


We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“NS ANGELA” – IMO: 9071076 – Flag: Panama – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 8, the “NS Angela”, en route from Thessaloniki to Gemlik suffered a technical failure during the passage of the Istanbul Strait and dropped anchor at the Karanlik liman anchorage. The strait passage permission was temporarily cancelled until the completion of permanent repairs.

“SIDER MARIEL” – IMO:9421128 – Flag: Portugal – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 10, 2018, the “Sider Mariel” was allowed to leve the port of Ravenna and headed to Baris, ETA March 12. The ship had been in port since February 28 and was detained after a loss of cooling water from the main engine while manoevering to leave the port with tug and pilot’s assistance. The ship had arrived in Ravenna from Koper (Capodistria) with a cargo of steel. The Port Authority activated the emergency procedures. The tug immediately proceeded to moor the ship at the quay, remaining in constant contact with the Guard Officers. Thanks to the rapid and concerted intervention, the ship was safely berthed and therefore the normal conditions of the port were immediately restored.

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“ANDOR” – IMO:8230285 – Flag: Russia – Type: General Cargo Ship

On March 5, the “Andor” was in collision with the seiner “Hors”   while proceeding at the anchorage in Kerch Strait. The “Andor” was anchored after the collision, while the “Hors” proceeded to the port of Kerch and berthed at a shipyard for repairs. The “Andor” suffered damage over a three-metre length of the starboard side bulwark. She was enroute from Rostov-on-Don to Kavkaz with a cargo of 3,300 tons wheat.

“TSUNAMI”  – Callsign:DA6988 – Flag: Germany  – Type: General Cargo Ship                    

On March 6, the “Tsunami”, which had suffered water ingress at Raiffeisen in Mehrum, remained stationary. The leak could be located in the bottom of the hull. The canal authority was still to decide whether the ship would be allowed to proceed to a yard or first would have to be unloaded and patched on scene. Water was still pouring into the engine room which was, however, immediately pumped back into the Mittelland Canal. There was no oil left which could cause a pollution.


We have been informed of the following Maritime casualties which we believe may be of urgent interest to you:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“AVALON” –  IMO:9387322 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: General Cargo Ship                      

On March 1, the “Avalon” suffered significant damage at starboard side during the transit of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal having just sailed from Antwerp bound to Sluiskil. The ship allided wtih a few mooring bollards near Terneuzen suffering breaches on several meters length and a crack in a ballast water tank which spilled out. The accident took place around 10 a.m. The ship hit the quay and the poles due to the strong wind. A salvage company moved the ship to the quay along the way Terneuzen-Sas van Gent. 

“EUGEN MAERSK” – IMO:9321550 – Flag: Denmark – Type:  Container Ship

On March 3, the “Eugen Maersk” suffered a technical malfunction short after leaving the port of Hamburg.  The ship had to be emergency anchored on the Elbe off Stade. For more than one hour the river was totally blocked for ships with a length of more than 120 meters. Tugs secured the ship during the repairs. Then the crew had fixed the problem, and the ship continued its voyage to Antwerp. It finally reached the port of Antwerp on March 4 and docked at berth 1742 – PSA in the Deurgang Dock.

“SPIRIT II” – IMO:9645413 – Flag: Singapore – Type: Tanker

On March 3, the “Spirit II” suffered a main engine failure. The crew has effected repair works and the tanker was now underway again on its voyage from Gelendzhik to Butinge, carrying 15.119 metric tonnes of crude oil and a crew of 23 on board.

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“DIONYSUS” – IMO:9696515 – Flag: Liberia – Type: Bulk Carrier

On March 1, the Avon Fire and Rescue was called to Royal Portbury Dock in Bristol to attend a fire in the hold of the “Dionysus” which was carrying animal feed for import. An excavator in the hold of the ship had caught fire. The Port’s established safety procedures and the Fire Brigade’s prompt action brought the fire under control. 11 fire appliances, including two turntable ladders and the water safety boat, were on scene. One port operative was taken to Southmead as a precaution, but all other staff resumed their duties.